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Business Intelligence Services | SINAZ Techsol Pvt Ltd

Our Objectives

Established in 2014 ,headquartered in Pune, the objective of SINAZ Techsol Pvt. Ltd. is to carry on the business of software development, software as a service (SAAS), mobile application development, information technology, database, IT enabled services, training and development, web development, web and portal operations, ecommerce platforms, data and document storage and to act as resellers in software and IT products and to engage in business process outsourcing, knowledge management solutions, IT consulting and advisory services.

Significance of SINAZ

The word SINAZ is a combination of the words SIN and AZ. The word SIN is derived from sincere which signifies hard work and the word AZ is taken from the word amaze. The promoters of the company desire to amaze their clients by putting in all the hard work and efforts to provide them excellent services, thus leaving them happy and satisfied.

Our Products